Template for summarizing information collected with the WHO Guide to Documenting Good Practices  

This document complements WAHO’s Guide to Document Good Practices. It allows the writer to summarize key points identified in the Guide which will be valuable for those with whom the document is shared.  . This should not exceed 10 pages.

Key information information

       Name of   (person writing this document)

       Organization, institution, agency, other: ……………………

       Location (country, city, district (s) ):

       Themes (FP, MNCH, Ado/Young, and Gender, other………….)

       Categories (subthemes):

o   Good Governance and accountability for the Maternal, Newborn, Child, Adolescent and Youth Health (MNCAYH)     

               o Public Private Partnership and IT in MNCAYH
               o Contribution of Traditional Medicine in improving MNCAYH
               o   Non Communicable Diseases and MNCAYH

       Reporting date: 


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