The Président of APANF: Pr Ousmane N'Diaye and the president of UNAPSA : Prof. Folquet Amorissani both working in the process of accreditation of the Pediatric DES of Senegal held on 10 and 11 July 2018. This application for accreditation required the presence of ANAQ expert group -Sup directed by Prof. Disparité Abdourhamane Agbéré with another member Pr Folquet Amorissani Madeleine and Dr. AdiaratouFatou Koné Sakho. Congratulations to the teachers of the Pediatric DES of Senegal in their process of improving the quality of teaching. Pr Ousmane N'Diaye and her team gave us a nice lesson in organization. We hope that all African DES will seek accreditation for standardization and better training of physicians specializing in Pediatrics.

Pr Folquet Amorissani President of UNAPSA