Call for nominations - Francophone women in global health who work to better their communities

The visibility and recognition of women as leaders and experts in global health remains a challenge. We often attend panels consisting exclusively of men and scientific meetings and other meetings for which the expertise of women is too rarely solicited or recognized.

In line with the values ​​of Women in Global Health (WGH), we believe that to promote gender equality in global health leadership, we need to ensure diversity and recognize the roles of women from many countries and regions. underrepresented. For this reason, we wish to establish a list of Francophone women, and in particular women from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), to highlight these practitioners, policy makers, activists, professionals, and researchers working in health. World.

Guidelines for Appointments:

1. Nominees must be French-speaking women working in global health

2. Nominees can be from all backgrounds, but those from PFMRs are strongly encouraged

3. Nominees can be at any stage of their career (early, middle, or late)

We invite you to submit your nominations before August 15, 2018 by one of these methods (please note that the July 20 date on the website has not been updated):

1. By filling this form online

2. On Twitter using both hashtags #WGHFrancophone and # WGH500

Courtesy visit of Dr. Hasmiou Dia Pediatre in Guinea

Courtesy visit of Dr. Hasmiou Dia Pediatre in Guinea, member of AGUIPED to his colleague from Côte d'Ivoire Prof. Folquet Amorissani Head of Department of Pediatrics CHU of COCODY.