About Us

Who we are

UNAPSA is the body of African paediatricians represented by National Paediatric Societies and Associations in Africa. To date there are thirty -eight country membership. UNAPSA is affiliated to the International Pediatric Association (IPA) .

  • Vision
    To optimise child survival and development in the African region
  • Mission
    To position UNAPSA as a foremost professional body in advocacy for child health initiatives in the African region by 2020
  • Strategic Goal
    To actively and progressively engage national member societies and associations in the scale up of child health initiatives in the African region by Dec 2020

What we do

 UNAPSA’s primary focus is to ensure that every child has the full potentials for survival and development. In the endeavour, the body of UNAPSA

  1. Operates by promotion of friendship between paediatricians of all member countries in the African region for promotion of collective actions for the benefit of all children and
  2. Promotes the dissemination of paediatric knowledge by organising workshops and seminars on topical child health issues
  3. Advocates on child health issues to the government and communities in the region
  4. Encourages research in all aspects of paediatrics
  5. Co-operates with national, regional, and international bodies with similar interests and with governments in policy formulation, implementation of interventions in child health and in monitoring and evaluating strategies that protect children
  6. Holds a regional congress every three years

UNAPSA Executive Council


Dr. Dorothy Esangbedo


Pr Madeleine Amorissani-Folquet

President Elect

Prof. Angela Okolo

Executive Director



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